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Ball and Cone Adapter Joint Set

Part Number BC
Ball and Cone Adapter Joint Set
A pair of ball and cone adapter sets with ends not expanded.
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Size & Quantity
2.5" Single Set (one ball, one cone)
3" Single Set (one ball, one cone) [+$5.00]
3.5" Single Set (one ball, one cone) [+$15.00]
2.5" Pair (two balls, two cones) [+$30.00]
3" Pair (two balls, two cones) [+$40.00]
3.5" Pair (two balls, two cones) [+$50.00]
Raw end expanded?
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Ball and cone joints can be used in almost any location of the exhaust system.  These are convenient to install near the mufflers or headers for easy service access.

Available with the raw end expanded for a slip-fit over existing pipe.

Many headers come with a ball end, so if all you need are just the ball OR cone ends and flanges, we can accommodate that as well.  Just order a single set and leave a note in the message box describing what you need when placing the order, or feel free to call us.

Available in 2.5", 3", and 3.5" sizes.

**NOTE: A "set" includes two pipes, two flanges, and hardware.  A pair consists of two sets of two pipes (four pipes total) and 4 flanges + hardware.  Depending on what flanges we have available, kits may come with 2-bolt or 3-bolt flanges.  All flanges in the kit will be the same, however.  If you need or want a particular flange type, please leave us a note on the checkout page indicating what you need.

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