Founded in 1986. We are the Inventor of the XPIPE and so much more! Our Exhaust Systems have been in every NASCAR from 1996- 2013, 11 years in the IROC series. We have 9 Daytona 500 Wins.With over 40+ championships under our belt. We have brought our Exhaust systems in countless Resto Mods, Muscle Cars, Classic, Dirt track cars and much more to you! 
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Boom Tube Tip

Part Number BHT
Boom Tube Tip
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Sold out until approx 3 weeks to get them fabricated here again, waiting on our machine shop to get them CNC punched out. Will be shipped to you asap!

Similar to our Boom Tubes and Boom Tube Mufflers, our Dr. Gas Boom Tube Tips allow you to add that NASCAR exhaust look to your existing exhaust system without any major modifications.

Our Boom Tube Tips are only 1 3/4" thick and 8" wide, so they're a great option for a low-profile side-exit tip.

Boom Tube Tips come cut at a 45-degree angle, which exposes about 11.25" inches of the tip showing from the side of the car.

When laid on a flat surface like a table, one entire side of the boom tube tip makes contact with the table, while the other side tapers up on the inlet end to accommodate the inlet tube.  (See the last picture above for a side profile of the tip.)  For street cars or cars with the factory floor pan, we recommend that the tip be installed with the flat side facing up toward the floor pan of the car.  NASCAR-style vehicles with tube frames or custom floors tend to prefer the flat side down for maximum ground clearance.  The outlet end of the tip looks the same regardless of whether the flat side is facing up or down.

Overall lengths are approximately 14" on the short side, and 23" on the long side. Final trimming may be necessary to perfectly match the angle of the side of your vehicle.

Sold individually or in pairs with 2.5" or 3" round inlet tubes. Please specify quantity and left-side exit, right-side exit, or both when ordering.

Except for end trimming and painting or coating, the boom tube tip is ready for use.  The exit is customer-trimmed to be flush with the side of the vehicle.

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