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FreqMod Muffler

Part Number FMM
FreqMod Muffler
FreqMod Muffler
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Inlet/Outlet Size
2.5" Inlet/Outlet
Paint Color Black Paint [+$17.00]
Copper Paint [+$25.00]
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New larger size for 3" and 3.5" coming soon! This FreqMod™ is best used at the tail end of the exhaust system with perhaps one of our RevPro behind it.

The FreqMod™ (pronounced "freak-mod") muffler is a new patented design that works to change the frequency of your exhaust to make a sound that is all your own. 

The FreqMod™ uses a system that increases the frequency and pitch of your exhaust system. Using this frequency modifier muffler can make a 4-cylinder sound like a rotary, and an 8-cylinder sound like an Italian exotic. We all have a general idea the way a car will sound based on it’s motor configuration. With the FreqMod®, you can forget about that.

The FreqMod™ is still a high performance muffler and will out-flow many comparable mufflers, but gives you the sound you’ve been craving to stand out at the next cruise event, track day, or dyno day.

The compact size of the FreqMod™ muffler allows for placement in very tight areas.

To achieve the desired results of a higher-pitched exhaust note frequency, these mufflers must be used in conjunction with an x-pipe.

Available in black or copper paint!

2.5" Inlets: 8.5" x 8.5" x 3.25"

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