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Negative Wedge Camber Corrector Kit (TM) for Mustang/Cougar

Part Number P0
Negative Wedge Camber Corrector Kit (TM) for Mustang/Cougar
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This long time favorite modification was first started by Carroll Shelby on the 65 GT-350's. Shelby lowered the A-arm 1 inch. Later, Pro-Motorsports Engineering eliminated the ball joint binding/breakage problem by adding a wedge spacer between the control arm and ball joint. We were then able to lower the arm on the 65-66 to 1 5/8", the 67-70 to 1 3/4", and the 71-73 to 1 1/4", which further optimizes the camber curve. This Negative Wedge Camber Corrector Kit™ kit fits Mustangs and Falcons. This is the most effective and simple way to revise the factory backward camber curve, which reduces understeer and tire rollover. The ride height is reduced by 1 1/2".

*When ordering for the 67-70 Mustang/Cougar please select whether you have the Pro-MotorSports (P.M.S.) Shock Tower Kit installed on your vehicle.

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